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Directors & Officers


  • Douglas Bean, Chairman of the Board
  • Kelly Barclay, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Louis Bunger, Vice Chairman
  • James Oliver
  • Thomas Cameron, General Counsel
  • Don W. Long
  • G.L. Bunger, V.
  • Susan W. McNeill
  • James E. Skehan – Advisory Director



  • James Oliver – Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer, NMLS #2542188
  • D. Renee' Pearl – Senior Vice President, Chief of Human Resources and Cashier
  • Annalu Gonzales – Vice President, Human Resources Director
  • Michell Cruz – Assistant Vice President, Consumer Lending, NMLS #2582323
  • Michell Martin – Assistant Vice President, Network Administrator
  • Melinda Valdes – Assistant Vice President, Branch Operations Manager
  • Monic Castro – Assistant Cashier, Assistant Branch Operations Manager
  • Diana Mata – Assistant Cashier, Administrative Assistant to Accounting


  • Kelly Barclay – Chief Executive Officer, President, and Executive Officer
  • Joe Stubbs – Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Executive Officer
  • Shelly Hicks – Vice President, Mortgage Lending, NMLS #856843
  • Daina Slover – Assistant Vice President, Marketing and Advertising Manager
  • Sharon Swirczynski - Assistant Vice President, Consumer Lending, NMLS #1844009
  • Caroline Adams – Assistant Cashier, Branch Operations Manager
  • Stacy Guzman – Assistant Vice President, Digital Banking Services
  • Jennifer Kincaid – Assistant Vice President, Executive Assistant


  • Lance Kruse – Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending, NMLS #594925
  • Jeannie Miller - Vice President, Commercial Lending, NMLS#482878
  • Jenifer Reed – Assistant Cashier, Branch Operations Manager


  • Fabien Galindo– Senior Vice President, Chief Credit Officer, Risk Management Officer, NMLS #2539276
  • Karl Cates – Vice President, Commercial Lending, NMLS #1770950
  • Raul Pina – Vice President, Credit Analyst II
  • Laura Rodriguez – Assistant Cashier, Branch Operations Manager

OPERATIONS CENTER (not open to the public)

  • Sarah Preston – Senior Vice President, Chief Operations Officer
  • Regan Ritchie - Vice President, Compliance Officer, Audit Manager, CRA Officer, and SAFE Act Officer
  • Tracy Johnson – Assistant Vice President, Loan Operations Department Manager
  • Yessica Bolanos - Assistant Vice President, BSA Officer, OFAC Officer
  • Kristin Babb - Assistant Vice President, Deposit Operations Manager, Physical Security Officer